Daisy Smart Solar Water Pump Kit (Mini)

solar water pumping
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  • Manufacturer: Solar CowboyZ
  • Condition: New

This kit is simple to install, and will deliver approximately 300 gallons of water per day.  

It can be used for drip irigation, gardening water supplies, and can even fill up your water storage tank. 

Great for watering livestock, or bring water to your house. 

Runs all day long on sunny days. 

Can be used for irration in ponds. 

Perfect for keeping your garden green.


This inexpensive solar water pumping kit comes with:

  • 1 submerible pump (1 year warranty on pump)
  • 1 Solar panel 150w/12 volt 
  • 25 feet of submerible cable
  • Solar panel wire harness
  • Wire Splice Kit
  • 1 roof mount



Parts and accessories that may be needed to complete a fully functioning and safe water pumping system NOT included: (parts available from most local hardware supply stores)

1/2 inch delivery water pipe (length as needed)

10-2 submersible pump wire (length as needed)

¼ inch safety poly-rope (To tie to pump.  Length as needed)          ** Miscellaneous plumbing hardware (as needed for individual site) Solar Mounting (as needed for individual site such as pole, roof, bolts/screws etc.…)                                     

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