GFDI Replacement Fuse "Midget" 600VDC

SB 2500 U Fuse replacement for GFDI
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  • Condition: New

These replacement GFDI fuses are compatible with the following SMA Sunny Boy models:

  • SB700U
  • SB1100U
  • SB1800U
  • SB2500U
  • SB3800U
  • SB6000U*
  • SB3000US
  • SB4000US
  • SB6000US
  • SB7000US
  • SB8000US

Shipping and tax included in price $19.95, or $28.95 for 2!


Voltage Rating 600 VDC

Amperage Rating 1

Max. Interrupting Rating 20 kA



*WARNING: Replacing the fuse on the SB6000U is extremely dangerous! May result in serious injury or death!!! Click HERE for more information.

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Price $19.95
2 or more $14.75 each
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