Inverter Repair Service (2 hour service bench time)

Inverter Repair Service
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  • Manufacturer: SMA
  • Condition: Refurbished
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111 Bank Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
A PRE-PAID, non-refundable service charge of $195 USD is required. When your payment is received, we will begin the process to test your inverter and will email you a test report.  We will fix any minor issues during the initial bench time, up to 2 hours of bench time will be used to provide service to your inverter. The link above can be used to prepay and complete the transaction, or you can include payment in the form of a check or US money order when you send your inverter to us for servicing.
Include with your inverter the following information:
                Phone #
                RMA #
                Model #
Should your inverter need major work/parts or cannot be repaired in the first two hours, then we will contact you with an estimate of charges and suggested options.
If your inverter is determined to be too costly to repair, then we will forward the original service payment of $195, that you already paid, towards the purchase of a new or refurbished SMA or Magnum brand inverter replacement. For other brand inverters that we sell, we will credit you back $75.  Your old inverter will be kept as a core for recycle, this is a win-win for you.
If you just want to purchase a NEW or Refurbished inverter from us instead of sending your old inverter to us for repair, make your purchase and then send your old inverter to us for a $75 refund credit.  You have 30 days to redeem this credit after your purchase of a new or refurbished inverter from us.
Once you have sent us your inverter, please notify us at Please send us a tracking number, so we may know where the item is and the expected delivery time. (You can save shipping costs by dropping off your inverter with us at 111 Bank St. Grass Valley, CA 95945. (530) 273-4895)
Shipping in both directions are the responsibility of the customer. Please allow up to 21 days forservicing your old inverter. (Most inverters can be repaired in 10 business day or less)
Instructions for Customer: Please answer as many questions in this form as possible, so our technician can better understand the service related problem. Contact our inverter Service Center, Solar CowboyZ at (530) 273-4895 or (360) 435-8826 for free, over the phone support.
Inverter/Solar System Trouble Shooting and Service Report
Customer Name ____________________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________________
Phone Number _____________________________________________________
Billing Address______________________________________________________
Shipping Address____________________________________________________
Parameters of System
1. What inverter brand do you own? ____________________
2. What is the model number? (NOT Serial #, usually located on the side of the inverter label) _______________________ (Example: Sunny Boy SB2500U)
3. What are the problems/symptoms with your inverter?
5. Do you need a service technician dispatched to your site?    yes_____ no______
Indication of failure (inverter meter reading)
6. Are there any indicator lights working on your inverter?    yes_____ no_____
7. If there are indicator lights working on your inverter, which lights are on?
8. If there are indicator lights that work on your inverter, are they steady or are they blinking? ________________________________________________
9. If you have a meter installed on your inverter, are there any error codes indicated? If so, what does the error code say? _________________________________________
Solar questions (If Applicable)
10. How many solar panels are in your system (if any)? ________________________
11. What brand are your solar panels (if any)? _______________________________
12. What Model are your solar panels (if any)? _______________________________
13. How many watts per solar panel (if any)? ________________________________
Off-grid systems (Boats, RV’s Cabins, Off-grid Homes, etc..)
14. Do you have a gas or diesel generator in your energy system (if any)? __________
15. Do you have batteries in your energy system (if any)?  _______________________
16. If you have batteries, what NOMINAL DC voltage is your system?
(mark one) ______12______24_____48
17. If you have batteries, what is the EXACT VOLTAGE READING on your batteries?
Resting no/load __________      Light Load __________     Heavy Load __________
18. Do you have any other charging sources?  yes _______ no _______
___________________wind?      ___________________Generator
___________________other?      ___________________ Utility Grid
These next questions below are for a QUALIFIED TECHNICIAN ONLY.
1. What is the AC voltage reading on the output terminals of the inverter? (L1 N P)
2. What is the DC voltage reading on the input terminals of the inverter? ( +++ --- )
(Solar panels MUST be in FULL SUNLIGHT for this test to be accurate.)
3. What is the DC amps rating of the solar array? (Or peak watts in full sun)
Visual Inspection/Problems noted below. (Burnt Wires? Bad Smell? Loose Wires or
Terminals? Breakers Off etc?)
4. How many input DC solar strings are on the solar array? ______________________
5. What are the amps/volts on each string? _________________________________
Trouble Shooting 101 - How to Reboot Your Sunny Boy Inverter
Video Guide -   
1) Turn your inverter off, and all disconnect switches off. (AC/DC/Battery)
2) After the inverter and any back up power is disconnected, wait at least five minutes.
3) After it is off for five minutes, turn back on all disconnect switches.
4) Once it is back on, wait another five minutes for the system to reboot. (This should take five minutes, so be patient)
5) Do not open the inverter or attempt to make any repairs to the inverter. There are no user serviceable parts in your inverter.
Hours of Business Monday – Saturday 9am-5pm PST Sundays closed 
Here are the only forms of payment our company will accept.
2. A check made out to Solar CowboyZ.
3. Money Orders (only from US POST OFFICE) sent, received, processed and cleared by Solar CowboyZ.
4. Pay Pal Invoice and payment in full.
COD’s are not accepted unless arranged and approved in advance.
Depending on bank schedules, the above accepted forms of payment may take several days to clear, and all money
transactions must clear before products are received.
Pricing Policies: Quoted prices are honored for 10 days from dated quote if product is still available. Misprints or
errors involving price do happen and we are not obligated to sell the product at the incorrect price. At Solar Cowboyz,
we price our products at the lowest possible price, in accordance with manufacturer’s pricing policies. Prices may
change at any time, without notice.
Warrantees: Any defective item with manufacturer’s warrantee should be returned directly to the manufacturer. NO
If you need to write about your order: Indicate your name and address in the same way it was written on your order.
Shipping and Handling: Shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer on all products, sent to or
received from the customer. Most packages being shipped to the continuous 48 states are shipped via ground
delivery, unless Rush delivery is requested. Packages being sent to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico are sent FedEx/
UPS Two Day Delivery. Back orders do occur, and are shipped as received.
Standard Ground Shipments: We ship your order using the most efficient method, although the size and weight of
some items may require a specific carrier to be used. With all shipments, you can be sure the most economical
method is chosen unless another method is requested. FedEx/UPS cannot deliver to P.O Box numbers, please provide a complete street address for prompt delivery. Please allow at least 10 business days for delivery before calling on order status. You will be notified if we cannot ship within 30 days. All items purchased from Solar Cowboyz are made to a shipment contract. This means the risk of loss and title for such items pass to you upon delivery to the carrier. Inspect all deliveries when received. Damage claims are to be made by the customer to the freight delivery company and noted at the time of delivery. Solar Cowboyz is not responsible or liable for any damage arising from shipment.
Truck Freight Shipments: Items too heavy or too large for standard ground shipments will be shipped by truck. Write your daytime phone number on the order form so the carrier can schedule merchandise delivery to be made when you’ll have unloading help on hand. (You are responsible for unloading. Truck freight companies do not require their drivers to unload shipments. An additional lift gate fee may apply if the driver unloads the merchandise.) Notify us if you have limited unload restrictions, such as no large truck access or bobtail truck needed.
Customers in Alaska and Hawaii and International Shipments: Our International Department is open Monday through
Friday 9am-5pm PST. All orders shipped outside the continuous USA must be prepaid. For international orders and
shipments, we will only ship to a US freight forwarder located in the continental USA. (We can ship to your freight
forwarder, or provide you the information you need to obtain a freight forwarder.) Our Responsibility must end with delivering you the products you ordered and fulfilling their warranty periods, if any. Since we can’t know how you use the products, you must be responsible for any damage, fire or accidents that occur. NO RETURNS ON PURCHASES FROM SOLAR COWBOYZ ACCEPTED BY US WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION.




and Warnings   To reduce the risk of personal injury, and insure the safe installation and operation of your inverter/energy system, you must carefully read and follow all instructions, cautions and warnings outlined in your products installation guide book.ectrical Code requirements.  

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